Matera, Regio Basilica

Matera is the administrative center of Matera province, region Basilica which is one of the oldest cities, included in the UNESCO’S list of the world cultural heritage. It is build on a rocky height with number of houses, hollowed out in chaotic order directly in the rock and with its natural caves the city is a natural open museum.

The candidacy of the city is ambitious regarding the fact that the title is never won by a city from South Italy.

The logo of the candidacy, elected after an International competition, illustrates the carved passages which represent the letters W (wiki) and M (Matera) with the colors of the Earth and Sky and are signs of the evolution – from the carved roads in the rock to the virtual roads.

President of Matera Association is Francesco Salvatore

Activities in partnership:

September 2011 – participation in a round table: “The road between identity and innovations”, during the Unesco’s World Tourism Expo in Assisi.

Novemeber 2011 – Seminar, devoted to the “Mediterranean diet , one way of life, one model for export”, organized by the Italian Commercial Chamber in Bulgaria, Commercial Chamber Matera, in cooperation with the cultural association “Matera 2019” and “Sofia Development Association” In Inter Expo Center.

November 2011 – Debates about the cultural capitals during the initiative Open Days in Matera


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