For a big historical festival we need ...

"For a big historical festival we need a fitting environment, such as the space in the underground museum for ancient Serdica in the Largo. The reconstruction of the Museum for the History of Sofia is a good time to start thinking of that.

Our goal is complete the archaeological excavations [in the historical center] of Sofia and to develop it into a tourist attraction by 2020. We want to make this historical treasure open to the public, embedding it in the city fabric; for example, one idea is to extend the subway near the Central Halli all the way to the city garden, with a special underpass from the Metro station “Serdika” to the archaeological site West Gate. The underground transport can be used more efficiently to give access to cultural heritage sites. A second project which could be the reconstruction of Sveta Nedelya Square, with a two-level road system."

Deputy Mayor Т. Chobanov, PhD

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