The traditional representations of Sofia ...

“ The traditional representations of Sofia and Bulgaria as a whole put the focus on the “high” cultural heritage, on the homogeneous, the ethnically pure, nominated and “imagined” as national cultural heritage, on the material, in most cases immovable, cultural heritage, on the historically distant past. The alternative cultural map wants to do exactly the opposite – to unearth the “low” cultural heritage (everyday and popular cultures), to think of culture in the plural number (alternative cultures), to give voice to religious diversity and the ethnically variegated, marginalized, local, specific heritage, to turn the gaze to the intangible heritage- to the practices, not to the artifacts, to diminish the scale and to bring the lens closer to the micro-cultural units, to make up for the recent past and present, to discourage the territorial hierarchies by illuminating the periphery on an equal basis with the center”.

From “Lost on the Map”, Svetla Kazalarska, Piron magazine, issue 3

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