Riga 2014


For twenty years Latvia’s history has been characterized by – nationalism – segregation –– migration – ascent – crisis – joint creation of responsibility. These processes can be considered summary development lines, resulting from privatisation, liberalisation and structural reforms over recent years in this region. They are processes that concern society as a whole and influence every person’s life. They are visible and tangible processes that have long-term consequences for society and which create the base from which the city will develop. Creative ideas, creative approaches, creative solutions, imagination and ideas are becoming the main economic driving forces in the world. Creativity has always been an instrument of cultural processes, thanks to which development, cooperation, acquisition of traditions are possible, but the city has developed as a space where creativity can take place. Creativity is what develops links between people, promotes the development of a dynamic society and competition. Latvia’s long-term development strategy for 2030 indicates that creativity is a resource that Latvia, including Riga, as the most significant source of human capital and partnership, mustn’t deplete, but look for new ways in which to make use of.



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