"5х5+1" is an interdisciplinary artistic project by Petur Iliev, in collaboration with:

The structure of "5х5+1":

  • 5+1 musical and dance miniatures
  • performed by 5+1 dancers
  • under the life performance of 5 musicians
  • 5 different dance styles (neoclassical ballet, modern and contemporary dance, hip-hop and character dance)
  • 5 stages

The soundtrack of "5x5+1", performed live by 5 renowned Bulgarian musicians, is in itself a  tempting tracery of jazz, electronic, classical and world music. Its open improvisation provokes both performers and audience for an unforgettable experience.

Dancers: Milena Abushinova, Ivo Adov, Kalina Vladimirova, Stanislav Stefanov, Radoslav Yordanov, Yanitsa Atanasova, Vasilena Shopova

Musicians: Petar Ralchev (accordion and piano), Peyo Peev (piano and gadulka), Stoyan Yankulov - Stundzi (drums and percussion), Angel Dimitrov (guitar, tambura), Boris Taslev (bass)

Visual Artist: Vanya Valkova

Photography: Zdravko Yonchev and Iko Media Ltd.

The project is being implemented in partnership with:

Tickets at Eventim and Salza i Smiah Theater ticket office.

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