Photo exhibition „The old termal baths of Sofia“ by Zdravko Yonchev
28.08 - 10.09.2014

Photo exhibition „The old termal baths of Sofia“ by Zdravko Yonchev
28.08. - 10.09.2014г.

SOFIA is one of world’s richest capitals in mineral water. The city was found and developed based on its healing mineral and thermal springs, and has appeared in written records since 2,400 years back. The city of Sofia (Ulpia Serdica) experienced intensive growth during the Roman presence in the 2nd century AD, when it became a center for political and cultural life. Emperor Constantine the Great used to call Serdica „My Rome,“ and considered making it the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.

 This exhibition aims to display the architectural splendor of the old thermal baths of Ovcha Kupel, Gorna Banya and Bankya.

 The project was initiated in the fall of 2013 by photographer Zdravko Yonchev who, upon his encounter with the bath in Ovcha Kupel, was inspired by its unique architecture, and decided to share his impressions with others. His main goal was to encourage the viewer not only to creatively imagine the building’s past, but also its future. Subsequently, he also took impressive photographs of the baths in Gorna Banya and Bankya. Only for the latter location he received encouragement and support by the local administration in Bankya. At the same time, the on-line publication of the photos and their story of “discovery” and shooting created a storm of responses and prompted their further dissemination. The audience widely enjoys and appreciates the undertaking. Stories are shared and plans for the potential future use of the baths are put forward.

 This exhibition is made possible with the financial support of VIVACOM and the partnership of Sofia Municipality’s „Culture“ Directorate, Sofia Municipality – Bankya District, Sofia Development Association, “Photosynthesis – a place for photography, people and ideas“, IGRAD Association and “Nash Dom” Magazine.

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